VHP Sugar



VHP Sugar
VHP sugar (very high polarity sugar) also known as Hi-Pol Sugar is a light brown raw sugar with a pol of more than 99.4%. ‘Pol’ is a term used to describe the percentage of sucrose present in a mass of raw sugar. The word or term VHP is widely understood to mean that 99.4% of the total mass of a raw sugar is pure sucrose and that 0.6% or less then this is waste material.

VHP (Very High Polarity Sugar) is used as raw material for further procedures and designed for the refining due to its great polarization. VHP Sugar can be used for consumption, but it is normally exported to countries world wide for the production of refined sugar. This raw sugar, allows customers/clients to renovate it into different types of sugar for consumption.

VHP sugar was first exported from Thailand in 1993 and quickly became very popular with sugar importers world wide, as it was an completely new form of raw sugar with far greater sucrose content and far less contamination than competing raw sugars. VHP remains in high request as it is much cheaper and easier to refine than standard raw sugars.


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